Wedding Day Income Tax Deductions

Sadly, your wedding is not tax deductible, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t find a variety of write-offs that will considerably minimize the amount that you owe to Uncle Sam. It is imperative that you take advantages of these write-offs and keep more money in your pocket. Here are some of the wedding day write-offs you might enjoy. Be sure to include these numbers during your income tax preparation Madison.


Non-profit organizations throughout Madison can use your wedding gown if you wish not to save it. These organizations use the dresses for breast cancer patients, domestic violence survivors, and others. You’ll feel amazing for the donation and receive a tax write-off as a thank you.

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Church/ Venue Costs

Ceremony fees are sometimes tax deductible, depending on the location chosen for the event. Ask before the big day if the fees are deductible. If you really want, you can set your sights on a church that does offer this deduction.  Other venues, like museums, historical sites, and national parks, may also offer fees that are tax deductible written off as a donation to the site.


Could it be that the flowers that adorably decorate your wedding are also tax deductible? They are if you donate them after the ceremony. There are also a number of organizations that take your flowers and provide the tax recipe that can benefit you when tax time rolls around. It feels great to know that your flowers are being used a secondary time and benefiting lives around you.

There are several ways to enjoy write-offs of some of the wedding day expenses that you incur, including those above. Take the time to look for write-offs and enjoy a nice break for a change. You’ll be glad that you did.